Gearhead cleaner degreaser Reiniger & Entfetter 118ml

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Why Buy This Product? Cleans dust, dirt, sand, and grit out from chains and sprockets... mehr
Produktinformationen "Gearhead cleaner degreaser Reiniger & Entfetter 118ml"

Why Buy This Product?

  • Cleans dust, dirt, sand, and grit out from chains and sprockets
  • Breaks down encrusted deposits and buildup
  • Removes old grease and oil
  • Saves chains from excess wear and tear
  • Cleans spilled oil, grease, fluids, and splatter from riding through messy puddles
  • Formulated for use on moving chain and sprocket parts, engines, transmissions, fairings, fenders, forks, and more
  • Essential for normal motorcycle maintenance

How It Works
Motorcycle chains endure tons of use, abuse, wear, and tear. Riding through busy streets, highways, and dirt trails pushes dust, grit, and sand into the moving parts of chains and sprockets. Missteps during regular maintenance and faulty seals cause oil leaks and other greasy messes all over engines and frame parts. Clean out excess filth and grime before it wears down drive chains with Chemical Guys Gearhead Cleaner & Degreaser. Spray Gearhead directly into chains and sprockets to break down and loosen old grease, oil, and abrasive grit. Motorcycle and offroad ATV chains must be cleaned and lubricated during schedule maintenance, after getting thoroughly wet riding through the rain, and after a full wash with soap and water. Gearhead Cleaner & Degreaser makes short work of chain maintenance, engine degreasing, and messes all over fairings and forks. Proper care helps ensure dependable and safe use for any street bike, sport bike, race bike, offroad dirt bike, ATV, quad, or other chain-driven vehicle.


Powerful Chain Degreaser & Cleaner
Gearhead Motorcycle Chain Cleaner & Degreaser is tough on grease, oil, grit, and grime. Simply spray Gearhead directly into motorcycle drive chains and onto gear sprockets to break down and remove stuck filth and abrasive grit that damage and wear chains over time. For intense stuck-on contamination, agitate filth with a stiff chain brush and purge any loosened debris with another spray of Gearhead Cleaner. Clean off motorcycle and ATV chains after running through rain, offroad mud and dirt, or as part of any regular scheduled maintenance regimen specified by the manufacturer. Gearhead Cleaner & Degreaser cuts through and dissolves tough grit and grime to save chains from excess wear and tear. An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure: clean and maintain motorcycle and ATV chains to spend less time and money replacing them often and more time riding down the road.


Gentle On Motorcycles And Environment
Unlike low quality products, Gearhead Cleaner & Degreaser is acid-free, pH-balanced, and formulated to be safe for use around other motorcycle parts and the environment. Gearhead dissolves abrasive filth and grime before it can contribute to premature wear and tear on drive chains, sprockets, bearings, and other moving drivetrain parts. Clean thick mud, muck, and oily messes from engine parts, fenders, forks, and fairings splashed up from filthy puddles. The gentle formula is non-caustic, and will not stain, etch, or damage any plastic, metal, painted, carbon, or rubber motorcycle components. Clean filthy messes from motorcycle and offroad ATV parts anywhere, any time with Chemical Guys Gearhead Motorcycle Chain Cleaner & Degreaser.


Part Of Scheduled Maintenance
Motorcycles are high performance machines. Tight tolerances, high compression, and extreme operating forces take a toll on all moving parts. The key to years of trouble-free cycling is keeping up with scheduled maintenance. Regular cleaning and lubrication of the chain can help it last for up to twice as long as a neglected one before it must be replaced. Easily flush out mud, dirt, grease, and grime during any full detail, scheduled maintenance, or after a session off road with Gearhead Cleaner. Clean chains have less wear and tear on the links, pins, and rollers, and in turn, produce less wear and tear on sprockets and bearings. Clean bikes aren’t just good to look at; they last longer and take less time and money to fix. Keep any power chains clean and trouble-free with Chemical Guys Gearhead Cleaner & Degreaser.
Always follow manufacturer-specific maintenance guidelines and practices, and consult a professional mechanic whenever in any doubt.


Formulated For All Motorcycles And Offroad Quads
The Chemical Guys Motorcycle Line of detailing products is designed and blended for use on all types of cycles and quads. Clean, restore, and protect any street bike, racing motorcycle, competition bike, vintage cycle, custom chopper, touring bike, supermoto, motor trike, mini and pocket bikes, motor scooter, offroad dirt bike, quad bike, dual-sport/adventure motorcycle, ATV, and even bicycles with the full lineup of products from Chemical Guys. All cycles operate in similar conditions, and are built with similar materials across the board. The full Chemical Guys Motorcycle Line of products addresses every cleaning and detailing need for all these materials on these machines. Clean, shine, and protect any cycle anywhere with the Chemical Guys Motorcycle Line.


How To Use:

  • Always follow the vehicle manufacturer’s specified maintenance schedules and practices
  • Only work on a cool-to-the-touch bike or ATV
  • Shake Gearhead Cleaner & Degreaser well, then spray directly onto surface
  • Let dwell for up to 5 minutes and agitate with brush if needed
  • Flush out loosened debris with another round of Gearhead Cleaner
  • Buff dry with an old towel, shop rag, or blast of compressed air

Inhalt: 118ml

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